Charming Handsome Sheikh

“You are cruel.”
“You don’t know cruel, Elena. Now spread your legs and let me see how much you soaked my sheets so I can spank you for it.”


Being the Sheikh of Azmia, one of the most powerful countries in the Middle-East, comes with a few perks. Endless parties, owning a handful of oasis including an island, sleeping around with princes and princesses, and unfortunately, having a guard to protect me.

After a little stabbing incident—no, you naughty girl, it was a literal dagger-in-my-abdomen-and-I-fainted stabbing incident—my bodyguard turns out to be none other than my ex-lover, Elena Hill.

She is strong, fierce, smart, but she is a cold witch and her existence taints my fun. The only thing I still like about her is her ample bosom. Don’t tell her, but I fantasize about them a lot.

Not to mention, she is a beautiful plaything. I had given her my own heart when we were sixteen only to be betrayed. Now all I want to do is tug at her blonde ponytail and kiss away her frown.

Having her as a guard puts a hindrance in my plan and the way Azmia is slowly starting to crumble, I have to do something about it. I won’t be able to keep my hands off of her as much as we hate each other because under our hateful guise, we adore each other. But I have grown up, charming her into my bed was one of my tricks.

I have several others left…


I thought catching the biggest drug ring leader in New York as an FBI agent was hard. Until my friend Zain, Sultan of Azmia, asked me to babysit a thirty-four-year-old idiot of a Sheikh.

Zayed Al Fasih is an irresistible asshole. The only redeeming quality his six feet three body holds is his dimples. He is handsome, charming, notoriously mischief and started a fire—yes, a everyone-needs-to-evacuate-the-palace fire in The Golden Palace of Azmia.

I have to help my friends, protect Azmia, and the charming Sheikh who loves to annoy me and somehow we always end up naked and pressed against each other. He is the last person I want to be with while his smug boyish grin slowly thaws my cold heart after all these years of hating him. Because under all his charming facade, he has a heart of gold that was broken.

As much as I hate him, I want to help him. Even if it costs me my own heart in return.


Charming Handsome Sheikh is a perfect read if you enjoy sweet, sexy romance.
Explore the world of dirty and filthy mouthed royals with hearts of gold as they woo their love interests with their exquisite charm.
Charming Handsome Sheikh is the fourth book in a series. It is a steamy Middle Eastern Royal Romance with enemies to lovers and forced proximity trope.

Preview of Charming Handsome Sheikh


“You are going to pick up the phone and bend over that sink for me like a good little witch.” I said and unbuttoned her pants when she tried to pull away.

“I-I can’t—”

“Then I will.” I accepted the call and turned it on the speaker. My other hand found her lacy underwear and pushed my finger against the wetness between her lips.

She whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut when we both heard the soft voice. “Hello? Elena?”

I closed her mouth and hissed in her ear, “Stay quiet or he will hear how good my fingers feel inside you.”

Elena glared at me, her eyes full of lust, anger and hatred. Good. I wanted her to hate me. Hate me when I rubbed her needy swollen button through her wet panties. Hate me as I peeled her jeans from her toned, long legs. Hate me as I looked at her and held the lace in my hands, ripping it off of her skin with a tear. Hate me with a burning passion of lust when I cupped her where she was burning hot and told her to answer her call.


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