Dirty Wild Sultan

Dirty Wild Sultan


I did not plan to call him husband the night we met. The handsome, wicked stranger who called me his wife. Let alone share a bed with him. 

I have no choice but to forget the events of that night and move on. Being a Princess of Maahnoor comes with a cost. 

I have to forget him even if my body craves his tender touch. His obsidian eyes curling with hunger. And how perfect he felt above me. 

But what I did not plan was… that handsome stranger will take our fake-marriage seriously and order me to accept his proposal. 

My marriage to Zain Al Latif, the Sultan of Azmia.

All I know is that I won’t be able to refuse him. Especially the dirty, wild words that comes out of his sinful mouth.


I did not plan to wake up beside the beautiful brunette who wrecked me when her soft lips touched mine. Nasrin Elbaz, Princess of Maahnoor, the only country I have animosity with. Let alone forget the events of the night before. 

I have no choice but to talk to her again, ask her about the night we spent tangled in bed and woke up with love bites. I thought meeting her again would dim the aching fire within me.

But I cannot resist her. 

So I will claim her as mine. My Sultana. My Wife. My Lover.

I, Sultan of the most powerful and richest country in Middle East—the country that bleeds gold—will propose Princess Nasrin for a marriage. If she rejects me… 

Well, I have been told that I can be quite persuasive and demanding when I want to be.