Filthy Hot Prince

Blurb and Cover Coming Soon

Filthy Hot Prince is steamy and erotic. No cliff-hangers! It is a perfect read if you enjoy sweet, sexy romance

Explore the world of dirty and filthy mouthed royals with hearts of gold as they woo their love interests with their exquisite charm. 

Filthy Hot Prince is the second book in Alluring Rulers of Azmia Series and all the books can be read as standalone.

Preview of Filthy Hot Prince


“This is not the right time because I want to paint you, Valeria,” Khalid whispered in his deep, velvety voice.

“P-paint me?”

I could smell his musky scent when he crooned in my ear. “Yes. Naked.”

I trembled, my body reacting acutely to his teasing words.

He continued in his low voice, his finger trailing over my neck, “I want to paint your pale skin. Your neck. Your sensual body. Your stunning eyes. Your lush lips. Your red copper hair.”

Khalid flicked my ear with his tongue, making me gasp when he whispered dirtily, “Your tits.”

“I can paint on you too, my sweet one.” He planted a soft kiss below my ear. My breathing growing erratic and breasts aching to be touched. “Lay your naked body on my bed and paint on your bare skin with my hands. Would you like that, Valeria?”

I was clenching her legs tightly, melting hot desire gushing my underwear. My heart thudded loudly against my chest. I licked my lips and answered, “I… I would love that, Khalid.”