Tempting Teacher

Tempting Teacher

He is her teacher. She is his best friend’s daughter. Will they find love despite their differences?

I am the goody-two-shoes who likes to bake and finish homework on the same day it’s assigned. But there’s something about my father’s best-friend, either his tall, tempting physique or his low, throaty voice that makes me want to get on my knees and let him teach me everything there is to know about intimacy.
After seeing him in my class with black-rimmed glasses perched on his strong nose, I cannot resist him anymore.
Even if he turns out to be my teacher.
But there’s a tiny problem. He is twice my age, my father’s best friend, my teacher who wants to
give me extra lessons after school for being a naughty brat.

Tempting Teacher is an age gap student teacher and father’s best friend forbidden romance. It is the second book in the new adult sweet, steamy and forbidden romance Dominating Desires Series.

If you like raw emotions, age-gap romance, passionate HEAs with sizzling hot scenes, then you’ll love Mahi Mistry’s Dominating Desire Series.

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Preview of Tempting Teacher


Waking up with soaked underwear was not ideal. Especially when the reason for the particular soaked underwear was my father’s best-friend, James Fox. 

Yes, even his name sounds like a porn star. 

Biting my lip, I turned on my back and took a deep breath. I could try it again. Surely, it would be easy after trying to touch myself so many times. Maybe too easy, perhaps. 

You can do it, Mia. Just think about his handsome face, his delicious stern voice, his dark hair and—fuck, yes, mmm. 

My hands felt small and gentle, cupping my perky breasts. I imagined his large palms—with the Patek Philippe on his wrist that I had gifted him on his thirty-fifth birthday, fondling my breasts, the veins on his forearms tensing as he pinched my hard little nipples between his fingers. 

A whimper tore out of my lips as my thighs rubbed together, my pussy getting wetter and wetter when I thought about him instructing me how to touch my pussy. 

Nonono, in my dream, he calls it his pussy. 

Yes, his pussy. My feminist really yeets out whenever I have horny thoughts about him.

My eyes flickered to my side, watching the reflection of myself in my closet mirror. My cheeks were flushed, eyes clouded with lust, my palms touching my naked breasts and lowering over my stomach. Caressing the smooth skin and shivering at the image of Mister James in my head. 

I parted my legs like he would, keeping his firm hand over my thigh and peeling off my satin shorts with my soaked underwear, mocking me for ruining them with my juices. Even forcing them to hold it in my mouth when he goes down on me and makes me cum with his hot tongue. 

I moaned, sliding my hand inside my underwear, humming when the pad of my finger made contact with clit. The sensitive nub was swollen and buzzing with pleasure as I rubbed it slowly, thinking about his encouraging words. 

Just like that, Mia. 

That’s it. 

That’s how good girls touch their cunts. 

No, no, no, keep going, I didn’t tell you to stop. 

You are going to cream all over your little fingers for me, hm?

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