Unfolding Kiara

She shouldn’t have craved him to touch her, kiss her, and imagine his ruggedly handsome face while touching herself.
He shouldn’t have wanted her on her knees and imagine doing all the filthy things to her and her body.
It was wrong.
He was a player and she was with someone else.
But it was too late.
Kiara Sharma and Ethan Kane were once best friends and more than that, they were each other’s first kiss and first love. Everyone knew they were inseparable, always laughing and joking.
But all good things come to an end.
Now, six years later, they both are clashing together like two opposite magnets from two different worlds.
What will happen if the old flame isn’t subdued yet? What will happen if they’re attracted to each other, now more than ever, and knows that their relationship is like a storm, it will happen too quickly and cause a lot of destruction?
Their desire towards each other is like a ticking bomb, they don’t know when it will explode and who will fall first.
Kiara or Ethan?
But one thing is for sure – promises will break, tears will fall and so will Kiara’s thong.
You will love this story if you enjoy:
  1. Best Friends to Lovers Romance
  2. Second Chance Romance
  3. Light Bondage and BDSM
  4. Something very steamy